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Well Guys,
Sat. was my corporate freebie at Palmersport Bedford autodrome at what is billed as the best track day event in the world. All Pics were taken by my wife and are of me. (sorry).
We arrived at 07.45 am for briefing and breakfast. We were split into 3 teams...Vettel (us), Hamilton other colleagues and Raikonnen other colleagues.
After breakfast, they found a novel way of relieving us one by one of our breakfast via our trousers, by before putting us in all the cars to drive, we each went as a passenger in a Jaguar JP-LM Le Mans racer, driven by a professional! (Pic 1).
We were then introduced to our first drive of the day.(most cars we did about 8 laps each).
The "Bavarian Bruisers" BMW M4 GTP, 425 BHP, 0 to60= 3.9 secs. We were strapped in and we each had our own instructor..I fell lucky, as my instructor was an alfa fan and he'd clocked the V6 in the car pk. (pic2).
After this, it was fun time with the Caterham 7 superlights. 178 BHP, 0 TO 60= 4.8 secs. In these you can powerslide round the bends, but I took it one step further on one lap and did a 360 degree before stalling! (Pic3).
After this we were introduced to the atomic weapon, the Arial atom..245 bhp, 0 to 60=3.2 secs. I did well in this car, regarding lap times and it was a real blast! (pic 4).
By this time it was a 2 course lunch, served in the hospitality suite and freshly cooked by top chefs.
Once this was over, we were told that the serious stuff was about to start, and we were taken off to the Jaguar JP-LM Le mans racers. 265 BHP, 0to60=3.4 secs. Fantastic drive! enjoyed thoroughly and another awsome drive.(pic 5).
Just to calm things down a bit, we were then taken to the off road course for the defenders. Here we drove up hills where you saw only the sky, down into rivers, over boulders and rock beds, along a 35 degree slant wall (they tip over at 45 degrees). Also on the screen there is a painted target, with which we had to lean over and look through whilst driving and tap tennis balls placed en route. (pic 6).
Now we were calm, the biggest of the afternoon for me was first a complete briefing and video, before being fitted up in overalls and shoes and introduced to the Formula 3000 single seater, in which each of us would have 15 mins (a lot of laps) ON OUR OWN !!!!
3000CC Cosworth developed V6 250BHP, 0 to 60 3.1 secs. Driving lap after lap, I imagined I was in an F1 race and being televised! ( pics 7 & 8).
Whilst others were doing that we had fun on the karting track. Couldn't master that at all!
Final bit of fun to finish off the day, was this...A head to head Caterham power slide comp. One car on it's own track facing one way, the other facing the opposite on their track. You had to gun it up the side of a long sausage shaped painted island, power slide round, drive back down and repeat, before entering a narrow drive through at full speed and then do a double donut round a circle before entering the chequered finish area. (pic 9).
Back at the suite, no team knew what the other teams had achieved. I never got a first place trophy, but I was no slouch either, and Vettel (us) as a team were the quickest of the day, beating the third team by over 50 points, and the 2nd team by over 20 points, so each of us vettels drove home wearing the coverted Palmersport cap bearing the number 1!!!!!!!.
the price of a day here is £950.00 per person, but for me it was free, but if I had a grand to chuck, would I do it again????? Oh YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!


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excellent stuff - looks like fun! :D
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