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Replacing TomTom port with regular storage box

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Are there any videos or articles for this? I've been looking for it, people say they have done it successfully but I just have no idea how. Can the TomTom port top be removed just by prying? Is it complicated to remove the electrical installation? And so on....
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Thanks all! So, I was finally able to remove it. Absolutely couldn't find any guide or video on it but after looking for the TomTom/Myport unit being sold separately I took a good look at the part and put together 2 and 2 to figure it out.

For future reference in case anyone is ever looking for this information, it's quite simple:

The Myport unit has a storage lid which is semi-permanently shut with clips. Pry it open to reveal the inside of the box, and on the bottom of that storage there's 2 screws. Unscrew them and then pry open the whole unit.

Really funny that there's a storage that's only accessible with tools. However it's ripe for mods like I intend to do!

I want to ask 1 more question if you don't think it's too much.

This one is about car electronics.

So the easiest way to wire my carplay unit would be to tap into the existing myport electric connection.

However, there's one thing. When my car ignition is off, the TomTom can't be turned on. This means to me that the connection is such that it has no power available when the ignition is off?

On the other hand, I can turn the stereo on and off even without the key in the ignition. And it turns off and on with ignition too. Which is the behaviour I want for my carplay unit (with the caveat that I want a 30 second timeout before it turns off, for which I'll use a relay).

So should I tap into the stereo unit power instead? And if so, can I do it by splicing a wire from the stereo or should I just go all the way and piggyback on the fuse from the fusebox?

Cheers! I intend to post the final result in a few weeks when I'm done with this. My goal is a carplay dashboard top unit that looks as OEM as possible.
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