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Hi All
Had an interesting few weeks with my GT, I purchased Eric's strut brace and it makes a great difference to the 'crashy' suspension feels a lot more solid now.
Someone 'bumped my car and it needs a pannelbeater not hectic but still upsets me as I dont know when it hapened.Its on the passenger side rear fender.
Anyway drove to Venda with my GT this week (normaly take my Pajero) and was a great drive followed a merc s 600 at enjoyable speeds.
The next day I get this warning on my dash front left light! Its the parking light globe thats broken.
Now I have changed globes on many cars including HID lights (Volvo and Pajero) and it is easy, the volvo you pull out a pin and the whole light assembly comes out.
Had a look on the Alfa and managed to get the back plate off but still could not see this parking globe.
Is it the only way to change a parking globe on this Alfa by removing the front 'bumper'?
If so what a crap design Alfa should be shot for that as the parking little globe is always on when the ligns are on.
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