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Hi Guys
As i suspected about 2 weeks ago,my clutch is slipping.I think Knockhill put the nail in the coffin.
Can anyone give me information on the procedure to remove the gearbox.
Also can anyone recomend a good place to get a clutch.
I plan on fitting it myself.
I,ve been quoted 95 pounds plus vat so far.
Would an uprated one be better or will a standard one do.
Shug frown

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What a mine field!

Ok Start with removing the subframe. Battery out, coil paks outair cleaner out. This is the easyest way. I would DEFINATELY do this job on a hoist. Budget on spending 8-10 hours on it!! Not pretty.
The price you mentioned sounds about right. I used a Valeo clutch. Seems just dandy.


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i did this yesterday and thought afterwards i should have taken photos doh!
its mainly time consuming i did not remove subframe or any top end bits apart from battery tray did it by putting car on axle stands not little ones though took obviuos cables off speedo reverse switch ect popped nearside driveshaft out and swung to one side took the sump/exhaust protector off took off the engine mount directly below engine to gain access to starter motor nuts and bell housing took all linkages to clutch off took nearside eng mount
off , released top left eng mount for movement of engine its a good idea not to do this alone as i was under the car taking the weight of gearbox while my bro was manouvering the box
out. no water was dumped did not need to undo any pipes just some nuts are hard to get to like the one above the underside engine mount that holds a stabiliser bar and the starter motor, make sure you tag all bolts as i did not and it did ad a bit of confusion when putting my baby all together again as 2 people putting bolts down at same time thing get mixed up
with each other by the way pour out the old gearbox oil as its a bit hard to do on car as drain plug is in bad position it holds 2 ltrs. oh and dont do what i did and snap one of the bolts
on the exhaust downpipes
good look Craig

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Cheers Guys
It gives me a better idea of how to go about it.
I thought there might be some problems in doing the job but it seems like it,s much the same as any other clutch
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