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Replacement exhaust advice please

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Hi all,

I thought Bella was sounding a bit different and after her service last week the garage confirmed that the exhaust was "blowing" and the mechanic recommended that I get a new exhaust from cat back.

Dilemma -

1. the money I had earmarked for Bella this year has gone into a new tumble dryer, Hoover and flooring for the kitchen so I have less money
2. I intend she will become my weekend car once I've finished all the Fettling so a stainless exhaust appeals to me
3. Loud exhausts don't appeal to me.

So for a 99 2.0 TS I am looking for an affordable stainless ( not shouty loud ) exhaust from the cat back - does such a combination exist?

What is a "straight through silencer"? Will that affect the emissions and potentially fail the Irish equivalent of the MOT?
E.g. Stainless Steel Sports Exhausts | Classic Alfa Romeo spare parts and accessories

I like the look of the original oval end to the exhaust.

On this page

It looks like a stainless centre and back section will cost 430 and a standard exhaust pair will cost 240. Do I need any other bits as well as those two sections?

Baffled on many levels!


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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