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removing the fuel pump on a 156 2.0 t-spark

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Hi there
i'm trying to remove the fuel pump but am at a loss as to what part of the cover to loosen/knock to actually unscrew it (i need to repair a hairline hole in the central cavity where the outlet is).
The main cover appears to be like a jar lid with ridges...when i gently knocked a couple of those ridges with a piece of wood nothing turned. I just wary of damaging the cover by knocking hard in case i'm not supposed to knock them.
I also see 2 lugs which are very tempting to knock.
When i look at pictures of a pump online i don't see the jar does the pump assembly unscrew from the jar lid & one is supposed to knock those lugs??

any assistance would be appreciated.

thanks in advance

OK i managed to do it by knocking the ridges using a better tool...hard plastic vs soft wood....:rolleyes:

and i see that the assembly separates from the 'jar-lid' which answers the other question i had.