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Removing air con compressor (V6 2.5) / trackday report

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Hello all.

Had another cracking track day recently, Rockingham this time, with some upgrades to the car.

Before this trip fitted EBC dimple drilled and grooved discs and Yellowstuff pads to the front, standard discs and Yellowstuff pads to rear, raceseat and harness and different steering wheel.

Car was, again, excellent.

70 odd laps, most of which were full on with a cool down lap and a half at the end of a 5 lap run.

Ambient was 28 degrees, who knows what the track temperature was.

Front brakes easily lasted the day but have now put a pad wear light on. There's a good bit of meat left on the pads so maybe sensor is earthing somewhere, I haven't looked yet.

Seat and harness made the world of difference, not holding onto the steering wheel to stay in the seat!

R888 tyres kept gripping but in that heat by the end of the day they were almost molten.
Played with pressures and finished up running with 3 bar front and 2.7 rear. Rear tyres finished with build up of rubber on the inner third. Rear tracking?

I would like to remove the air con compressor. Rad and all the plumbing is gone and just using the compressor as a pulley.
I've looked for threads but has anyone done this successfully?

Any thoughts on the above?


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