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Morning all, toying with the idea of adding that extra bit of grunt, please see below what I’ve had quoted. Anyone else done something similar are there pros cons well let’s be honest what are the cons!!!!

Celtic TuningCeltic TuningCeltic TuningTHE PERFORMANCE Celtic TuningCeltic Tuning
The Alfa Romeo Giulia 2016> ECU remap takes the power from 276bhp up to 324bhp and the torque from 295lb/ft up to 349lb/ft.

This stage of software is designed as a software upgrade only meaning it is all within safe tolerances of the engine and drivetrain and requires no hardware modifications.

Celtic TuningCeltic TuningCeltic TuningCeltic TuningTHE COST Celtic TuningCeltic Tuning
The cost of the remap is £360.00 all-inclusive for which we travel to your location whether it is home or work place.

Alternatively, our eMotion2+ self-tuning device supports your vehicle. For £425.00 with free UK next day delivery give yourself the freedom to switch between different stages

Thoughts welcome
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