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I thought I'd post a mini-review of some work I've had done on the 156 this year.. Earlier this year I had already decided to get a re-map done at Alfatune when a few things happened unexpectedly. Firstly belt-bang, secondly job loss. Still, I'm a little stubborn so decided to follow through with the re-map asking Gus for better economy and drive-ability with a little performance gain. He recommended the exhaust replacement would finish the job off nicely but with funds being tight and the exhaust still working I stuck with the old one.

So the remap was completed a week after the repairs and service and my smile was definitely bigger than before. As requested, better economy when driving gently, smoother pickup (c18mph in 5th if I can't be bothered to change gear much) and improved performance when I let my right-foot have a bit more fun. Still haven't been back to Padiham to compare the numbers and curves on paper but that's still on the agenda, especially as a few weeks back extreme noise accompanied a trip to the Trafford Centre... Yup, exhaust. 2 replacement sections would be needed and my local garage, having shown me the damage, agreed it would make better sense to visit Gus for a stainless-steel one... So off I went... As always, excellent customer service and I'm now driving a car that sounds better, drives better, would be more economical if I didn't enjoy that improved acceleration (though I get similar economy by being more balanced in my driving and having that extra smoothness from the remap and reduced need to change gear).

All in all, am I happy bunny...? :D:thumbs:
Would I recommend it to anyone? Yes (with a small no...) I probably wouldn't say it was worth the cost without a job, but if you have a job and can spare the cash then why are you still reading this? Get on the phone now!

I'd seen the positive reviews and comments made by some others (and those who complain about not getting 50 extra horses charging off into the distance) and I'm pleased with what I have ended with. Thought I'd add this to help tip the balance the right way (there's more to life than horses but it is nice to have a few extra thoroughbred to call upon anyway).
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