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Hi All.
I've got a 2001 156 Selespeed with 42000 miles on the clock, and after largely trouble free motoring since I bought it from new I've now got my third problem to occur in 8 months. First it was the Selespeed pump and then it was the crank sensor, now it's making a strange noise when you change up a gear.
It's a bit like the sucking sound of moving air but it definitely isn't air, it's quite subtle, the wife isn't even sure she can hear it but it's definitely there.
From what I've read on this forum it looks like the clutch release bearing or the clutch itself.

Would anyone out there be able to pinpoint which it's likely to be, and how much this might cost me?

Is it a big job and could a non-Alfa garage do it?
Are there any garages in the Stafford area that anyone could recommend or is there an Alfa wiz out there prepared to come my way an fix it for me (obviously I'll pay them)?

All help greatly received.
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