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Having suffered my second ABS pump failure in 2 years I don't fancy buying yet another used item only to have it die again.

I have heard they can be reconditioned and a quick google brings up a couple of possibilities.

Does anyone have experience of this?

Alternatively if anyone has a second hand pump which is cheap enough (50 quid-ish) I might as well just go and replace it. I can always get this one reconditioned if the other one plays up..

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I can't find any for 30-40 quid. The cheapest on ebay are for the entire unit at around 170. I assume it's the ECU part rather than the pump block as they are prone to failure.

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Thanks for the link :)

That's a different part number.. are you absolutely sure it will work?

I took the previous number from the pump body.

The ECU sticker has:
0 273 004 495

This car is quite a late model - The ABS unit also controls EBD

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Part numbers don't matter but you will need an ECU with EBD control. It was quite difficult to find one when I was looking, a lot of sellers don't realise the difference so I had to ask them if there was 3 rows of pins on the connector.

Hope this helps
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