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recent diagnostics after p0238

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Just came back from local alfa specialist anddiagnostics says - replace egr and map sensor (egr stuck open and map toomuch carbon). So i went to and see these two matching with my number plate.

Part Number: 424510011

Bosch MAP Sensor
Part Number: 420770010

just to be 100% sure i know my car is 150bhp model and usually parts that i see in results are for 140bhp one. would there be a problem with these 2 parts ?

And as far as i know my engine is a3 but eurocarparts have a5 ones so now it gets confusing and im wondering if there is any easy way to check with my chassis number if those parts are correct ? can anyone help me out? i would pm you my chassis number or any info if needed - eurocarparts have discount only this weekend so i could save around 30quid if i buy before monday.

alfa 156 1.9 jtd 16v 150 2005reg

edit: egr was cleaned few months ago and map too so i guess not worth wasting time to clean them again.
also what if i blank the egr with
will it give many benefits at a cost of engine light on?

also i am useless at cars as i have no experience in repairs - is there any risk of damage if replacing by myself ? or better go to some local garage instead to be sure ?

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thanks for reply hdseven,

i have tried cleaning both - map sensor and egr valve (garage done them in april just before mot - and mot passed with no advisory).
problems i have were long term and to be honest i am fed up with it - im really looking forward to buy a new map sensor and egr valve to end these power and overboosting issues and have a peace of mind knowing they are new and working as they should.
the only problem now that i need right parts to reserve them online at eurocarparts to get the discount of around 30quid which will expire on monday i think.

so can anyone help me with finding the right part number by chassis number that i knew if i can buy those two parts right now ?
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