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Have just swapped my cloth recaro interior for a leather recaro interior.Looks absolutely amazing and love that smell.My car is 156 prefacelift and leather interior came from facelift.That shouldnt be a problem.The only "problem" I have is the drivers seat appears to be way to high even to sit on and in relation to passenger seat.Driving position ok,but just feels odd maybe a few more miles and I may get used to it.The height adjustment works up and down ok.The seat mechanism not fouling on anything.Has anyone carried out similar swap.Ok the leather is more firmer but looking inside car,the seat is higher even on lowest setting.Additional height of adjustment mechanism??Dont know!Maybe nothing wrong and thats how it is.Any ideas????:confused:

Yep I fitted recaro leather and yes it does feel a little higher but it's not actually a huge amount .

A couple of days and you'll not notice and thank god you fitted best seat... you'll no longer get a sore back, or so stiff on long journeys, you'll not slide about in twisties and love the support....

Best seat I've had in any car

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