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Had a problem earlier where neither front or rear windscreen washers were working. In both cases it turned out to be disconnected hoses (I presume from trying to run them whilst there was a freeze).

I managed to re-attach the front wiper hose (under the sound proofing on the underside of the bonnet) and this is now working fine again.

However, the rear hose is still disconnected. The hose has come loose in the front engine compartment (the hose is currently loose next to the washer fluid bottle). However, I can't work out where it needs to be re-attached.

I don't suppose anyone could let me know where I should be looking (there are lots of 'potential' spots but I don't want to take too many gambles shoving a hose supplying direct jets of washer fluid in to any gap I spot!). The loose hose is black and was found near the neck of the washer fluid container.

Any help *VERY* much appreciated.:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:

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