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Getting water in passenger side rear footwell on my 2004 147 2.0 TS

...Well I know the std response will be.. Air Con / Window / Drain holes and it was non of that lot!

I know where its coming from but not the solution :(

Basically removing the front passenger wheel dirt guard call it what you will has revealed the answer as water is going into the sill area and somewhere not draining and making its way inside to the very very rear of the footwell and seeping in.

hopefully following rough sketch will help you understand..>

Its compounded for me by the fact the car is parked on a slope :(

I have done some tinkering taking out the 2 squashy pieces of waterproof spongy foam and refitting & some gutter sealent used to help re-channel the water to the spillage lip rather than seaping back to the sill area marked by the red arrow.

So any idea's as to why ? - I assume the gap is their for a purpose anyway to drain away any pillar water or other so should remain unsealed ?

Or could I get away with sealing it up does it serve a purpose ?

I know 100% thats hows the water is getting in but know nothing of the sills or floor construction to know how it should drain.

Its driven me nuts :cry: but at least I nailed the entry point yesterday.
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