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I bought some replacement Teledials complete with new tyres already fitted for my 156.
They are the exact same wheel/tyre combo as the wheels I replaced (6,5J x 16" 205/55).

After popping the wheels on I noticed that about 50+ the car starts to pull to the left if I let go of the wheel. So took the car to Kwik Fit for tracking the following day and I was told that only the front was the smallest fraction out and because the track rod nuts were all seized it wasn't worth the expense of unseizing it all for that, and so left it at that for the time being as I had planned to get some new track rod ends etc and get the blow torch on it myself before taking it back for tracking another time.

Anyway they have now been on my car for about 4 weeks and already the driverside rear is showing excessive wear on the inside edge. So I took the car elsewhere and told them I was specifically concerned about the rear tracking on that side. They were able to do the front tracking (at no extra cost) and when the rear was checked apparently it is all well within tolerance and didn't need any tracking done!

So basically I am unsure as to why this tyre is wearing on the inside edge and so fast?
Tyre pressure is and has been at 32psi so I don't think that's the problem and the car still pulls to the can this be if the tracking is all spot on???

Any ideas?
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