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hi Guys

Changing rear pads.

And noticed the lower pin on the caliper bracket was not moving at all.

Eventually managed to remove it, cleaned, greased, but then when I try to put it back the rubber strip that covers half of the pin, moves up the pin, which does not allow you to push it all the way back in.

I don't really want to buy a whole new caliper bracket, does anyone know where I can just get the pin from?


I had the same problem. The rubber swells over time if used with copper grease and then gets too tight. The fix is replacement or modification.

On mine I bought a new set of the rubbers. However, the new ones were too fat too. I gently sanded the tips of the ridges off of the rubber with fine sand paper until it was a rattle free but easily moveable fit. Then coated in red rubber grease to avoid seizing and reinstalled.

That was 18 months ago and the calipers are still working freely.
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