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A couple of years ago I had some problems with camber on my GTV.

My local independent elongated the bolt holes on the upper wishbone ball joint to allow some adjustment and it did the trick.

I have now stripped the whole suspension down and in the middle of fitting power flex bushes. Powerflexed will be having 4 wheel alignment done.

Should I now set the bolt holes back to original position? As the outer spring pan bush is shot so this could have caused the camber issue in the first place?

Picture of bolt holes:[email protected]/5999061089/

(I can see the original positions as the paint is still on the inside of the hole at one side/buy new ball joint?.)

Any advice appreciated.



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It really depends what you've done wityh the rest of the rear suspension?
Is the ball joint past its best anyway?
Have you lowered?
Reply would be to set up to original first time and see if you need that camber adjustment. It can also be adjusted by modifying the spacer on the long lower bolt, reducing it allows the rear lower radius arm to pull the bottom of the hub in a touch.
I didn't think this would work, but it did and a damn sight easier than redrilling holes in ball joint. I calculated you need at least 3mm per 1deg of camber by elongating the ball joint holes.
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