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Reading codes

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I need to read the codes on my '98 V6. I've got the cable with the three pin connector on one end and the female OBD2 connector on the other. Can anyone suggest a suitable cable to connect this to my laptop?
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Is yours a late Ph1 or a Ph2?

3 pin it's for Ph1 only.
Get one from buy_me_from_Dan on eBay. £18.99. Don't buy cheap Chinese one
Got mine from Rarebear on this site. Works a charm..!
Thanks guys. I'll follow up on those leads and hopefully get the right lead. Challenge might then be connecting to the software! Mine is the Phase 1 with the 3 pin connector.

The problem I have is that when cold the car seems to run fine but when it warms up and you give it a bit of welly it begins to seriously misfire. It'll tick over ok. I disconnected the MAF to see if this made any difference but problem remained. I'm thinking MAF or lambda or maybe coil packs. Its difficult to diagnose as it is intermittent. It first started as a minor misfire after a fast run on the motorway but is developing into a more serious problem now. Any thoughts?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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