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Hi All!!

I reposted this plea last week after a long search for my Grandad's old alfa! there is a happy ending if you read on! here is what i posted.

Hi Guys,

you may remember that i posted a message back in spetember last year looking for my my Grandad's old car, Well I'm still looking!! Loads of u gave me some help but unfortunatley still unable to locate it.

Just wanted to ask if u could still keep an eye out for it for me? here is a copy of the original post. thanks for all of your help. Richie

Hi All, wondering if anyone can help??? i am looking for a specific Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6, Registration UAM 4Y. It is red and i think it was registered around the year 1982/83.
It was my Grandfather's car and was his pride and joy!! Unfortunatley after his death in 1996 my Grandmother reluctantley sold it. But i was very close to him and we both shared a bond with the car. I have often wondered over the years where the car is and if one day i could buy it back.
I seem to remember the guy that bought it was going to restore it and put it into shows, so i am hoping that someone on here may know where the car is?? if the owner does not want to sell it, it would just be great to see the car again, especially if it has been restored!
Thanks in advance for any help!!


Thanks to you i have now finally found the car and the owner!!! I can't thank you enough!! A member called Sunbar posted the following link saying that the car had been in a show in bournemouth.

UAM4Y Alfa Romeo 1983 Bournemouth 29/08/10 :: 20100829_1941.JPG

I contacted the guy that runs the website but he unfortunatley did not know who posted the picture, However, There was another link on that page to a website called Classic cars on the Prom, I noticed that the website was from bournemouth and contacted the organiser of Classic cars on the prom. He then e-mailed me back and told me that he recognised the Number plate and would investigate for me. The following day i received a second e-mail from him saying that the reason he recognised the plate was because it belonged to a friend of his!! he told me that he had spoken to his friend and explained my story and that his friend was more than happy to talk to me and he gave me his number!!
I phoned him yesterday and had a great conversation with him about the car but he told me he had given it to his son, he then passed me on to his son, who i also called yesterday.
We had a long chat and i asked if he would be interested in selling, He said that at the moment he would like to keep hold of the car but he said he does change now and again and would gladly give me first refusal on buying it back once he is ready for change. He has taken my details and i have his, he also very kindly offered for me and my dad to go and visit him to see the car again and to stay in touch ready for when he wants to sell!!

I am over the moon and never thought this would happen! i am so greatful to all of you that have helped me and shown an interest in my plea!! i can not thank you all enough!
I have no doubt now that i will own the car again soon and i hope to see you all at the rally's and meetings!!

Thanks again to you for all of your help!!

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