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Hi. I have original BOSE 10 speaker system in my AR159. Plays very decent.
Recently, my front speaker (central one, on the top of dashboard) started to rattle a lot, but only when mid and high-frequency sounds were played. I thought that the speaker is burned, but then I placed my hand on the plastic grill and the sound disappeared. So it is obvious that there's some interference/resonance going on. I'm not experienced to remove the plastic and replace it myself so I will take it to the nearest workshop to have it replaced.

Or, if you have any experience to share with me on how to remove and replace this plastic I would be really grateful (like how to remove it / is is glue or only pinned to the dashboard....).

Also, where could I get new plastic grill? I googled a bit but didnt find much.

Thank you in advance.
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