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I have a rattling from the exhaust where i accelerate. The exhaust is new from cat to rearbox (Ragazzon/Remus)), and it is still rattling. I tried to shake the cat, but no rattling. And the heat shield above the exhaust is not loose.
It just keep rattling.....aaaargh!! i'm going
Is there anybody who has had the same experience?

oh by the way, can you feel the difference with or
without the cat ( replacement cat) ?

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There is a bracket at the down pipes which holds the exhaust in place. On my car this bracket has rusted and is loose. It rattles when I take my foot off the gas. Also, are you sure it is a rattle ??? Being a new exhaust, it may not have been fitted properly and be "blowing" at one of the joins.


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yes i'm sure it is a rattle. It rattle also before
i changed the exhaust. the rattle is with 1500-3000 rpm only.

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I had a rattle which started on the way back from Peak Alfa Day. It would only occur between 1500 and 2000rpm.

Took it to the garage who got it up on the ramps and pulled out a piece of heatshield which had worked itself loose somewhere around the frontpipes. I thought it might be coming from the cat but without getting underneath the car it can be difficult to trace the source.

Ian H

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Peter you wright Ragazzon/Remus not because they are related, but because it's a mix?? Or what?!

I have the "same" rattle, but only when starting.
Must admit I have blamed it on a worn out exhaust system.
I guess you can't do that Peter.
My rattle comes from the last pot, before the backpot..


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The heat shield on my exhaust manifold came loose and rattled - i cured it by putting a larger washer unde the nut holding it down.

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My car (2L 16v) also has a very light exhaust rattle between say 2000 rpm and 3500 rpm. It almost makes the exhaust note sound more crispy. My exhaust is still relatively new. I suspect it could be that small little box after the Lambda probe, but I am not sure. (Not the cat, my car is decatted.)
By the way, what is the function of that small box I mentioned?


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I think that the little "box" after the lambda, a
kind of flex' thing.

the front silencer is ragazzon, the middle silence
is replaced with a Ragazzon pipe. The rear box is
remus DTM.

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