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First off, I have a 2.0 ts with a pants variator & I know the diesel sound quite well & the symptoms, pretty sure that's not whats wrong although it may be a factor.

I thought the 146 simply needed a variator but this doesn't seem the case. 1.6 ts. Here are the symptoms.

On startup it runs smooth, high idle at 1300 then down to 900, although this is probably a gummed up ICV.
After about 2 minutes of running it starts to do the diesel sound at revs below 1500-2000. Very noisy though, alot more rattly than on the twinny.
When coming down the revs it makes a very light tinny rattle as if a valve is rattling, sort of like the sound when a heatshield rattles to give you some idea of it.
Seems to struggle for power which comes in lumps, a bit unwilling to shift from idle & dead spot between 1700 & 2200 revs.

Anyone have advice on what to check?
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