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Hi everyone,

Would really like some advice/opinions as to what my likely issue is with my 147 running rough at idle every so often, always when cold. It happens randomly, probably once or twice every couple of weeks and is getting incredibly annoying now with the MCSF beeping when it happens. Has been happening for quite a while now but doesnt seem to major but has become really annoying now so want to deal with it. The code that comes up is always for the number 2 cylinder misfire, dealer has switched coils/leads around to different cylinders and keeps coming up for the number 2. What usually happens is i start the car and it starts running rough after about 20-30 seconds and goes away after a minute driving. I can sometimes avoid the MCSF message coming up by taking off and revving it to at least 3000 once i can feel the car idling rough and that stops it. Any ideas as to what the issue could be? I also changed all the plugs about a year ago, and this issue happened before i changed the plugs also, so dont know that its the plugs either? One possible cause, although i dont know whether it could be related or not, is that the thermostat was stuffed and the car was running a bit cold - probably for about 5-8000 k im guessing, before i replaced it - could that have mucked up the any of the sensors or not likely? especially since the code is always just for the number 2 cylinder? hopefully its not an injection problem of some sort.

In other news - im having issues with the selespeed clutch - seems to be engaging/disengaging when its not supposed to - like overtaking it sometimes wont go back into 5th, between gears it sometimes feels like the clutch is staying on too long and it lurches, or like the other day it started creeping in traffic like a normal automatic and i had to hold on the brake to stop it moving - i pulled over, restarted the car and it was a bit better.

Love the car and it has been great in general but does keep me on my toes at times!
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