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I am currently on a sabbatical in Graz, a city of around 300000 population in Austria. Where I am staying is in very close to car dealership complex which includes Alfa Romeo. A few random observations :

1. I've been here for two weeks now. So far I have seen 3 Giulias and 3 Stelvios on road. There are lots of Giuliettas, Mitos and older Alfas. Considering that it's not a big city , that's not too bad I think.

2. The Alfa dealer has a Stelvio Q on the lot. It looks mighty good! The Alfas share the floor with Jeeps :depressed:

3. There was an Alpine in the same complex. I like the looks. It looks better than it does in the photos. I think it might've been sold because I haven't seen in the past few days.

4. There are lots of Jag taxis here, mostly XE and some F-Paces.

5. There are a few Tesla taxis!
Post some pics buddy!

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