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Hi Guys
Just caught up with all the new postings(i,ve been holidaying in Majorca)
I hope to make it to Knockhill,for a blast around the track,should be good fun.
So to my latest mod.
I made a cone and fitted it at the small grill next to the fog lights,
A 55mm flexi.pipe goes from there to a home made cylinder which covers the cone filter.
As it,s a prototype of sorts it,s all taped together with aluminium tape.
My theory ,as i,ve posted before ,is as the car goes faster more air get,s forced in resulting in more power plus it get,s cold air at all times.
I,ll try it this week and see how it goes(First impressions are it seems torquer and there,s not so much intake noise)then it,ll get a good test at Knockhill i hope.
I noticed when driving about Edinburgh the other day the car felt sluggish but once on the open road it cleared and went fine.I think it,s the warm air from the engine.
Anyway nice to speak to you guys again.

Jimmybob did you get the cheque.

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Was thinking about something, if the air pressure in the tube rises will the air still be forced in? Don't think so, you're going to get a rising and falling of air pressure in the cilinder wich covers the cone. Is just a thought, I'm no master in nature physics

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I think Shug will get through the corners easier as Knockhill is a narrow track and J has a widebody. His car will be too wide for the track.


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marlon marlon marlon...

i succeeded in have a go and just won... i had the corners nicer i reckon which helped to pull my gap after overtaking... and just enough go to get past on the straight :D :D

i have to admit tho i didn't have a passenger and shug did... but also i had my cat on... i took my decat off after nasty resonating noises.... i'll have to adapt and put it back on.. hope fully i can gain more power!

marlon what's you views :D

J (btw i'm back from holiday now :) )

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Yeah, Shug and I admit your car is more powerful. Watching your car from behind, there was a lot of arse out action, but didn't seem as bad as a passenger. I think my extra weight upset the cars in the twisties.

Anyway it was great


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No idea.I kind of forgot all about it.
I planned on a few laps with it on then a few laps with it off.I,ll have to try it on the road.
I,ll let you know
Regards Shug
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