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rain sensor and hot weather

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Had my windscreen replaced about 6 weeks ago. 3 weeks after that the gel pad of the rain sensor failed and the gel ran down the inside of the windscreen.
Autoglass replaced it. 3 weeks later on another hot day this one has gone aswell. They are going to replace it again next week. The bloke blamed the very hot weather. Has anyone else had any issues...? Or is it just the bits they are using are pants....?
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Mine has suvived! ;) i think there is a thread in this section about these and how well the sensor fuctions with and without the gel pad but can't remember exactly
The bits they are using are pants. The gel is designed to withstand huge heat. Imagine it being fitted to cars in Aus or the Arab nations. 50 degrees in the shade most of the time. Surface temps into the 80s in the sun. They can take that from the factory. The Autoglass product will be a cheap alternative.

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