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I'm trying to fit a Sony MD head unit to the 155. The Alfa wiring has two ISO connectors in a block (with a third, unpopulated shell). The head unit has two separate ISO connectors. Problem is that the Alfa single connector has the two connectors too close to each other, meaning I can only plug one radio lead in at a time. Not very useful. Current idea is to split the car connector into two parts. Is this possible/safe. How have others dealt with adding a new radio?

I've also noticed that the car connector only has a permanent 12v feed. There is no switched 12v or sidelight supply. Is this normal. Has anyone added this, and where is the best place to pull the signal from?

I'll probably take a sidelight feed from a nearby panel lamp. If there is a suitable ignition feed somewhere, I may use that to drive a small relay to provide a switched feed from the permanent 12 - that way the radio is still powered from where it should be.

Sorry to be asking so many questions at once :confused:

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I fitted a Sony MD head into my '94 155, kept the block in one piece by squeezing both connectors on at the same time, very tight fit but works.
I can't think of any problem that would arise if you seperate them properly though, the plastic just houses the connectors and doesn;t contain any hidden connections, so as long as you don't cut through any wires by mistake you'll be fine.

My car connector has a 12v feed from the ignition as well as a permanant live so don;t know why yours should be different. The permanent feed is yellow and the one from the ignition is red if that's any help.

Incidentally to anyone else reading this, this is my first post here, i will get round to introducin meself and posting pics etc as soon as i get a long enough free moment at work :D

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Oops! Forgot to add that this is on a '97 155 2.0

Tried fitting the connectors in, worked for about a day, then popped out again. I'm sure that I only have constant 12v (measured everything with a meter). Wonder why they changed it?

I'll throw yet another question into the mix...

What size are the speakers fitted to the 155, and how do you get the grills off? I don't want to mess it up!

Fronts look like you prise them up from the rear edge. Rears may have to be from underneath?

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I have done two different ways in the past. One was to shave off the side of one of the radio connectors thereby slimming it down. It will then go into the slot.

The other way was to cut the other connector in two as you are thinking.

Both worked fine :D


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The key is a very sharp knife, and steady hand.

The speakers are 10cm upfront with pop off covers, and 16cm rears, bit mine by getting in the boot.

Quick point to note is that the replacement rear speakers need to be very flat faced to go in the holes! I'd go for 1 way rears and 2 way fronts.

Done this so any questions, just ask.

Oh, the rear speaker wires need to check for polarity the strip on one side is +ve and on the other the striped wire is -ve, can't remember which though.

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When I fitted the Kenwood, I bought wire connectors from Halfords. You wrap arond the wires you want to join together and close it, it closes just enough to cut the plastic coating and make a connection. I've used these loadsa times to no problems. You have to use pliers or something to close them properly (they click shut). That way if you remove the unit, all connectors are still in place and you can insulate any cuts in the insulation with tape.


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regard to the permamnt on fuction...

apparently with the engine off, and the radio left on, the radio feed will automatically cut off after 30-40 mins or so...

a mate had this happen to him when he was working on the car.. he was using the stereo. It kept cutting off after 30-40 mins.. the alfa garage said that was normal.. btw this was a 156 tho.
AND... being an alfa garage... they might have just said that to get rid of him too :rolleyes: :D

allegedly anyways :D


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My wifes families from Glasgow and they know how to get them dead fast :D :D eek!
Join the wires with scotch locks the blue ones
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