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RAC fair usage policy breeched by the 156 hahahaaa

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Soo, after so many breakdowns in the 156 the RA csent me a letter saying if I wanted picking up again Id have to pay a callout fee of around £200+

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I've never had any issues with the AA or RAC in my proper Alfa.
:p Me neither, because I haven't had breakdown cover since 1995...

I was in the RAC for a couple of years after passing my test and they did get me out of some scrapes with various Sprints and 33's with iffy later cars were built better and my mechanical confidence grew after working part time in an Alfa specialists I decided to stop paying for cover and have been possibly lucky ever since?

:eek: Working in the garage at weekends in my early 20's was an eye opener too, quite often we would be presented with someones highly polished pride and joy...which would have little or no oil in the engine, a coolant system full of rusty plain water and brakes with next to no friction material on the pads...and these people were often enthusiasts who cheerfully described their Alfas as being temperamental.....not surprising really?
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