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RAC fair usage policy breeched by the 156 hahahaaa

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Soo, after so many breakdowns in the 156 the RA csent me a letter saying if I wanted picking up again Id have to pay a callout fee of around £200+

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I know anyone can have a run of bad luck, but 8 breakdowns does sound like taking the mick....I must admit that after 40+ years of Rac membership, over which time I've probably used them a dozen times or so, I didn't renew this year as I have a basic Green Flag cover with my bank account - but to extend that to give me the same recovery cover as the RAC gives me will cost nearly as much as the RAC cover.......I'm still mulling it over but was a little concerned before using our 123K mile 156 for a 600 mile round trip this weekend, but after changing the knackered rad before I set off all was fine.
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