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I am more familiar with the 166 forum but i was wondering if any one on this forum own my favourite Alfa of over 25 ive owned.The DVLA records show she is currently Taxed and on the road.
She was a 1998 2.5 v6 in baby blue and i bought her in 2000 and kept her for two years replacing with my first 166.
But she was the Alfa that attracted most attention ive owned and was absoloutly gorgeous and even my wife loved it.
Funnily enough i saw it for sale about 2 years ago on ebay and had to stop myself from buying her back ,and it still looked fantastic.
The colour was unusual and i remember when i first saw it i thought oh my god what a colour but it suited the 156 retro-ish shape and i loved the colour even though one or two people i know thought it a bit girlie.
But the combination of that fantastic V6 the gorgeous shape and the colour all made it the best Alfa i have had - yet.
A couple of pictures of the 156 and her successor.


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