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John Surtees died aged 83 on Friday. The only man ever to win the World Championship on two wheels and four.
I watched him many times and marvelled at his speed, even in his seventies, particularly once at the Goodwood Revival, driving Nick mason's Ferrari 250 GTO to victory , where he was miles quicker than anyone else.
My son Andy & I had the pleasure of his company for about 20 mins, at the back of the pits at Donington in May 1999. He was there to demonstrate the Mercedes Museum W154 Silver Arrow at the lunch halt. He told us a story about, (just before he fell out with Enzo Ferrari ), walking round the back of the factory with Enzo, who pointed to two GTO's gathering dust. The "old man" told him that he could have both for £14000. John thought about it for a few seconds and politely declined. "Worst days work I ever did" he told us.

At the lunch halt he gave awesome display, powering the 650bhp monster sideways but forwards in front of the home straight grandstand. In the late 90's, he was the only man that Mercedes would trust with the priceless Silver Arrows, and at that time he was 65 !

Rest in peace Big John.
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