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qv first 600 miles

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Picked up new 170qv on friday and took it on 600 mile round trip to wales to visit family, first impressions,
good points-car looks good in black and interior looks classy,
sounds good under hard acceleration
good motorway cruiser
returned 37 mpg mostly motorway and duel carriageway miles but some spirited a/b road blasts, very happy with mpg which should get better as engine loosens up
controls switches feel good to use
bad points- seats are not as suportive as they look,
DNA RUBBISH RUBBISH RUBBISH, why,why oh why do they bother and why does it reset to useless Normal mode.
All in all very happy with the car
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Well done I've had mine since 30th December and haven't gone through 200 miles, in that time I've had a check engine warning and a faulty spark plug bore seal replaced (all four as a precaution) glad your enjoying it.
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