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Thought I might as well offer this out as it's getting P/X'd anyway, someone might be interested. I have a Black (pearlescent) QV 240 1.75TBI TCT with Sat Nav, heated seats, bluetooth audio (with voice command), DAB digital radio, black part leather interior. All the good stuff that comes with the top of the line Quadrofoglio Verde range.

It's a 64 plate, exactly one year old today. It's done 2850 miles, recently serviced (including oil / filters).

Problems? Slight scuff on driver side alloy.

The dealer offered me 17K in PX (which is of course a bottom line offer, as they have to re-sell it).. There's a difference of £1500.00 from settlement to offer. So I'm not interested whatsoever in earning a profit on it, if you want it for 18.5K (dirt cheap) you can have it.

It goes in for P/X on the 21st of January.

P.S I'm not going to post it anywhere else, it's not "officially" for sale (as in I'm not actively trying to sell it). But it might find a nice home with an Alfa nut..
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