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So today i just noticed my GT is sitting about two inches lower on the left side compared to the right (and indeed, lower then she sat previously)

The odd thing is, my garage replaced the rear shocks less then two weeks ago, because the old ones had developed the dreaded rusty spring seats, and i just checked both sides, indeed, both rear shocks are new and in good condition, springs also look OK, some surface rust, but nothing broken or obviously bent, same amount of coils on either side (so it doesnt look like an obvious error swapping in a different spring). From what i can see the top mounts/turrets look sort of OK, i would assume if those had been rusted to the point of failing like this, they would have been spotted during the MOT two weeks back.

Anyone have any suspicions? Ive never heard of springs just sagging drasticly like this, but that seems like the only explanation i can think off..

EDIT: never mind, im a complete idiot, turns out the parking spot, which i thought was perfectly flat (being that it was only built a few years back, and always looks flat), had a sizeable dent right underneath my front left wheel, resulting in the right rear coming off the ground. After parking it in the middle of the street, both rear wheels had around a one inch gap to the bottom of the arches.... :paperbag:
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