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Our 1996 Spider TS is going to the Airconditioning shop to have a problem checked. Anyway, regardless if its just as simple as needing additional freon, i plan on having the internals cleaned of course as we have no idea of the aircon maintenance history.

I know very little about aircon systems in general. The most i`ve done after my wife`s 1998 suzuki a/c was repaired is vaccum (45 mins) and charge it with freon using both low and high pressure gauges.

I charged up her aircon for two reasons, to save some bucks, and my general distrust of the average (really big aircon shops charge an arm and a leg, and they dont all pay attention to detail as well) aircon shop that abound in this tropical country.

The reason for my general distrust is their lack of attention to basic details, like vacuuming for only 1min to remove moisture, (especially in this humid country) 5 mins is considered plenty for them :rolleyes: Also, please consider that majoriy of these shops have only the most basic instruments (high and low pressure gauge, vacuum pump, a rare few have freon disposal units)

I finally decided to get a book on car airconditioning maintenance and repair.

But being that my dad cant wait and wants to bring it to one of "those" a/c shops,

1) Is there anything unique about the alfa spider`s a/c system that a non alfa specialist technician needs to know so as not to damage (not only rightaway, but in the long run as well) anything?

2) Is there anything that might be damaged in the process of removing components (if necessary) like the condenser and the evaporator and the like?

Or is the spider`s A/C system a thoroughly standard a/c system fron the 1990`s?

I hope you all understand that we have to import parts from europe for maintaining/fixing this lovely car. Thank You!
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