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I am about to put my 5 Quadrifoglio wheels on eBay, but suddenly thought I would like to offer them here to anybody who would be interested in them. They are all in 8 out of 10 condition except one which was the spare. It had been put in the trunk upside down, and the paint has been a bit damaged on the face. The rims don't appear to have any kerb rash on them, and there are only 2 centre caps available.
I have been told they are worth round 100 pounds a rim in good condition. However, the shipping would probably be a bit expensive to the UK and the rest of Europe, so I will make this offer.
As they are, shipped to Europe included, 500 euros for the 5. If you would like to buy them, but would like them resprayed in metallic silver 2 pack Sikkens auto paint, I will do it for 25 euros a rim,so the total shipped and repainted would be 625 euros. I am open to haggling over the price!! The photo shows only 4 rims, because the other is in the trunk still. You can see the small amount of paint that has been rubbed off the centre of the wheel in the photo.


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