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Hi all,
I would like to share with you a 'problem' I'm noting in my Q4 since a couple of weeks ago.

Sometimes (not always), when I start the engine, after a period of at least 24 hours of non driving the car, I hear a sound, a kind of "TIC...TIICTIC...TIC...TIICTIC....". This sound is apparently originated in the back of the engine bay, just in front of the passenger side....
As soon as the engine increases its temperature, approx. 3 or 4 minutes after starting, gradually, the sounds become less audible and tends to fully dissapear.

Have any of you faced a similar problem with your Q4's??

Apart from the above the car has no sign of any fault.

Thanks a lot for any tip which can help me to sort out this rare thing.


Bs As-Argentina.

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You have to relays on the wall between engine bay and "cockpit", about on the middle of the wall. They controls the fuel supply/injection.

It might be one of them. I experienced that sound when my car didn't start after having had the ECU off. The reason then was poor contact in the ECU connection so now I have stripe around the ECU.

Otherwise it might just be the fuel pump relay pumping in portions of fuel until you reach the correct fuel pressure. And of course, you loose more pressure the longer it has been parked and more now when you have 3 bar fuel pressure, instead of 2.5 it is worse.

I hope it helps


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Hi Guys, I get the tic'ing when I switch the ignition on (without cranking the starter) and believe this to be the fuel system pressurising, however this takes 10 seconds max, and I'm running higher fuel pressure as well . If it lasts for 3-4 minutes I would think that maybe you have a bad sensor or connection somewhere. Is the car behaving itself otherwise???


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Thanks Steve & Andreas,

I will check the relays. Probably there is where the fault is.

Appart from that the car is running fine..(touch wood!!)


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