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I’m trying to convert the EvoCars “fastroad” chip H4B for Q4 of ’94 {eprom type 101.04} into a ’96 Q4’s {eprom type 101.05} chip-file map.
But I have …some difficulties in locating the “injection enrichmen V.S. throttle position” map in this EvoCars “fastroad” chip {H4B}!
Could anyone help me with that?
All I need is:
-the hex address of this map {injection enrichment} in the H4B file
-or, the values {16 bit} of the entire line in this map
-or {if this could help me in any way – locate the map} the values of the entire line from any other EvoCars “fastroad” map {EVO2 kat, Q4 of ’92 {101.03 type file} or FIAT Coupe 16V Turbo with IMMO - immobilizer}!

Waiting for any kind of info


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