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On the search for a 105 GTV so thought i'd better join to get the inside track. I'm not new to classic cars- i own a tr4 and have had various triumphs over the years but looking for a bit of italian flair. Not that new to alfas as my 80 year old mum has had a succession of them (hasnt driven any other make since 1976!) So, in order (i think!) alfetta (from dad when he bought her a stag that she refused to drive so they swapped!) then sud, then guilietta, then sud sprint green cloverleaf (i learnt to drive in that one - fantastic car) then 75, then 33 16v then 145 and then 147 (current car) dont think ive missed any. A number of them bought from alwyn kershaw in york. It was there i saw a 2000gtv which i wished she had bought. All those cars revved like crazy, handled and stopped better than most stuff at the time. Also apart from the alfetta they rusted no worse than anything else at the time and never once let her down.

Anyway apologies for trip down memory lane and here's hoping i can mine a wealth of info to stop me buying lemon!


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Hi and welcome Bob!

That's quite some Alfa history there! I'm only a newcomer myself (had my 159 less than 2 years), but I'm sure there are plenty of more knowledgeable folks here. The assorted technical forums will have plenty of useful advice.

Welcome to AO :)

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Welcome To‵⁀) ✫ ✫ ✫.
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