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ICT Manager

Co.Kildare - Ireland

Marital Status
Married, 1 Daughter

which cars do you drive and why?
Alfa 147 150Bhp Diesel. It is rarish, stylish, comfy, fast & practical

Are you a real passionate for Alfa Romeo?
Yep, love them. Persuaded my Dad to buy a 2.5V6 166 a few years ago, and just last week pushed him into changing it for a 2.4 JTD 159.

What or how started your passion for Alfa Romeo and…
….do you think it’s fundamental to own one to have the passion?

My dad had a AR Guiletta years ago. It was so rare and I loved it (not sure why!!)
I think I prefer when I meet AR owners who are enthusiasts. I hate seeing a poorly kept car, esp an AR.

Would you ever consider joining an Alfa Club or are you already a member of one?
Not really. Everything I want is on

What do you like most about Alfas?
Style, heritage, relative uniqueness (sp)

What do you like least about Alfas?
When half-wits try too talk them down. Sure, a Toyota Corolla is more reliable, but god damn it is boring.

What would be your dream cars?
Lambo Murci, Alfa 6C & 8c, Audi S8

What car would you least like to drive?
Current version of Nissan Micra

For you, what’s the most popular thread on AO?
They are all pretty cool, in their own ways.

What would be your ideal drive in an Alfa (destination, passenger, driving music, etc)?
I would love to get a new 2.4Jtd 159 Estate, take my Wife & Daughter on a 4 week drive around Europe in the summer.

Any humorous Alfa or car-related stories you wish to share with us?
I am changing my story, an earlier post reminded me of this one:
My brother-in-law lives next door to me. One saturday myself and my wife were bringing his two daughters to the cinema. He arrive down to our house that afternoon with their car seat & booster seats. I was eating lunch, and he beckoned in the window for me too unlock my car (5dr 147) so he could fix the seats in.
About 5 mins later I got up to put away my dishes, and when I looked out the window I nearly died laughing. I could see him leaning in through the front door of the car, and reaching into the back to fix the seats into position. I walked out, and casually opened the back door and asked if he wanted a hand. He nearly cried when he realised there were back doors on the car...

What interests do you have outside of Alfas?
Golf, Music, Movies & Gardening!!!!

Tell us something nobody knows about you. (E.g. special skill, ever been on TV, etc)
Never been on TV, but have been known to play special requests for friends on the radio for ridiculous songs. "And now, Alan in Kildare is dying to hear Candle in the wind, its his favourite song!"

Do you have a party trick? If so what is it?
Getting drunk and falling asleep.

What do you like most about the Alfaowner forum? Any favourite threads, episodes or people?
I like the way everyone is soooo relaxed. There is little or no flaming or trolling. You guys....

If you had £50,000 you had to spend in 72 hours, how would you choose to spend it?
Rather boring, but I'd have to put it into my mortgage a/c

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Nice on prospect. radio thing reminds me of my nan who used to phone in to radio as Doris from Dartford LOL.

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Nice interview, good to see another Irish member not too many of us on here;)
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