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Today I created a nice animation, visualizing a "vision"..

Animated gif:

I've been thinking about this all-LED type of headlights for quite a while now.
It creates a unique light signature, while retaining it's elegance.
This is all the 159 needs to look 'current' again, in my opinion.

I think Alfa Romeo really missed an opportunity with the new Giulia to create a unique light signature, instead of 'yet another LED strip'.
I really like what Porsche is doing with the 4-LED "square". Instantly recognizable.
The daylight LEDs of the original 4C are actually also really unique when seen in real life.
I'm quite sure Bugatti has taken 'inspiration' from the Alfa Romeo SZ when designing the Chiron headlights.

Unfortunately I could never build this.
But I think it's possible, with more and more LED lamps and systems entering the market, and 3D printing making more possible than ever.
Or maybe the light units of the Toyota Mirai fit, for example :hehe:

But the 159 is becoming more rare and less people are still interested in this car, so when doing this it would probably be a one-off project anyways.
Ah well, at least we can visualize it :)


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