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Project Grand Turismo 3.2 V6

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It has been 8 months but the time is finally nearing for work to begin on my GT 3.2. After the considerable work done on getting my 147 GTA into shape it gave me the desire to expand and add another V6 to develop. I had looked around at the start of the year but nothing at the time really tempted me enough - it is made more tricky when you want something different from the GTA but still nice enough in terms of what you envision doing on it.

Near the end of the January a low mileage and well spec'd GT 3.2 appeared, sold by Mylson Ltd as it turned out a good reputable place. Under 36k miles, solid black with red leather interior, BOSE, 330 Brembo's and 18 Jetfins. It was enough to make me keep looking however I've learned sometimes it is best not to go for the first thing you see so I sort of went in and out. Also if you give it longer then if it is still about then in terms of negotiating things may go a bit more in your favour. Around March time it was still for sale and nothing else had really come up that made as big of an impression as this did so after asking Gareth at Northern Alfa for his opinion (which I do now given all the work the GTA needed in which I went and got it before telling him) I went to have a look armed with the always helpful advice he gave. He said it did look to be a nice one, however as always there are areas to check that the pictures in the ads don't show, main one being the sills underneath when it comes to GT's.

Given the weather this year typically it was a pretty murky morning I ended up choosing to go but there's nothing I can do about the weather. Journey wasn't too bad as most of it was rural, it was only when I got to Stockport that I had to get through the unfamiliar roundabouts in one piece. When I arrived the car was out and had just been cleaned/hoovered prepared and all which these days is quite a nice surprise given all the complaints you hear of places where when the possible customer turns up they got told "oh sorry it's not ready" despite it all being arranged or worse it's not even on the premises. The main boss who I spoke to on the phone wasn't there on the day however the other main member of staff there was very good and the person who I went for a test drive with was also nice to get along with, turns out they are pretty into cars and have also come to like Alfas quite a lot. The main boss I got told also owns a Stelvio Quad. The car looked very nice in person, after checking underneath I couldn't see anything bad about the sills it all looked smooth, along with the underside not looking bad in general. Engine bay looked the usual pre detailed state but that is how I wanted it anyway given my plans. Good thing was the cambelt cover is intact, the fusebox is cracked but that is easily taken care of. The interior was in a really good state, not faded very clean with little wear, only thing which is common and the same as my GTA was the sticky and somewhat warped window switches. The exhaust system was also fully intact at least this time, the stock one had rotted so had been replaced with a Scorpion before being put up for sale. I know the Scorpion isn't my thing and it will get replaced at some point, however at least this time I'll be able to get a bit more back on it due to it not being bodged and partially chopped.

On driving it felt nice, engine sounded fine without any bad rattling. Quite a bit more comfortable compared to the GTA, you build up speed in this and it's like Concord class, hard to believe you are getting up to 70 so rapidly with the smootheness and refinement. Only big thing I noticed was that the clutch was defintely on it's way out, slipping a lot and the travel is right near the end before it just about bites. I felt the car was still worth going for given all the other main bits appeared to be good. It came to the sitting down at the desk part and this is the first time I feel where I have done a form of proper negotiating, I got £750 off the asking price which I was happy with and they were happy to sell for. This included it being delivered to my house by them which was nice.

Upon delivery the car stayed at mine for a bit.

I gave it the odd drive a few times, one to drop it off and store it in the unit and the other was an emergency to get to work on a nightshift as my GTA's clutch had gone and my newly purchased Giulietta Cloverleaf was in for work getting it up to speed for use. After that I dropped it back off where it has remained stored, I was a bit weary given the clutch however I got assured by Gareth it was at a state where I could still drive it and get away with it for the short distances it would be doing.

Fast forward to now where in just over a week the first major work begins. I have in the meantime purchased bits for it ready, some maintainance wise and some cosmetic/enhancements.

The initial check over was much better, the good points:

-Somehow lucked out and got an example with completely undamaged sills
-Cambelt seems to have been done ok enough (will be getting done again soon with the engine painting since it was last done June 2016)
-Black paintwork still very good for age, especially the side as it reflects very well still, bodywork is nice in general for age
-Red leather seats in very nice shape, still nice and dark and not brightly faded
-Generally feels solid and nice when running/driving

The bits that need doing are mainly the clutch, there's some general minor cosmetic amd mechanical bits, however it's nowhere near as bad as the GTA was when I started that, so in terms of getting it to look nice and refined it's likely going to be quicker to do.

Jobs near the end of this month to get the project going are the clutch being replaced, a Q2 diff being added, undertray replaced with a new one and the air intake replaced with a new one as the current one has a split in the rubber part on the 90 degree angle part at the top.

This probably won't be as big as the GTA project, it's hard to see anything eclipsing that, plus I'll probably always have that as my favourite as it was the first big project I did, along with being my first V6 and other sentimental bits. This one should still be a worthy one as time goes on, I don't think I'd expect it at any meets or shows for a while as I'd like to have the engine done and detailed before thinking about taking it anywhere. It may not be long before that goes ahead anyway though.

Also I'm now let loose on Instagram as real.captainj for anyone interested. I'll see how it goes.
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Where did you get the carbon inlet pipes from?

The carbon air intake pipe looks like a professional version of the plastic one I've got which is basically the resonator box sawn off and fibreglass'ed over!! Makes a pretty nice induction bark without it, I'd assume it's similar with that carbon pipe.


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No way a 147 GTA exhaust would fit a GT, they are loads shorter between the rear subframe and the rear bumper. Also the tailpipe position is different with respect to the location of the hangers.

A 156 GTA exhaust would fit but the 156 GTA tailpipes are much closer to the passenger side of the car, not a great lot different in terms of distance from the hangers.
I'm convinced the 156 platform was intended for LHD as I swear the Busso sounds better in the front passenger seat of RHD cars.

The airbox and exhaust all being on that side...
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