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1) Recently i had cracked my oil sump and gotten it welded. After receiving my car back from the alfa mechanic, the next day the key doesnt not start up the car instantly but rather the contact comes on only. I take off the key and reinsert it...the car turns on. Same thing happens a few mornings following. I thought id use another key as i have two but same thing is happening. It is not constant, rather only happens after the car has been stationary all night. Any clues?

2) Airbag light always on (its been like that for the past 5 months since i bought it and i know how common this question is here..ive asked it before).

3) Selespeed oil leak (a drop or so every hour or so) - Very minor in its nature but perhaps very major in repair. Therefore, i have ignored it but topping up when necessary.

4) About 3 or 4 deep scratches next to one another, close to the wheel.

5) Gears do not respond accurately in cold weather (especially if the car has been stationary for some time).

Feedback appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts