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The directors at our work have all just got 4S's on a group contract from Vodafone. They all have went from various Nokia's (mainly N86). Now the problem is only one of them had numbers on his laptop through Outlook Express when i synched his phone with the Nokia software ages ago. However my 2 other bosses have never done this so this is where the problems began. I managed to open up the drive on one of the Nokias and drag the contacts on to the desktop but when i went into Outlook Express which they use i could only import one .vcf file at a time!
He had 322 contacts so this wasnt ideal. I know when i got my 4S on 3 i registered it then the next morning my SIM numbers appeared on the phone which was crap! The numbers on my Sim were ancient and not even the numbers i had been using on my HTC. Also when i got my HTC you could only put a limited number on the SIM.

So what is the solution if you have alot of numbers? Can you import them all in one go somehow? If you go into a Vodafone store can they import all of your numbers if you take your old phone or sim?

The whole system of switching to an iPhone just seems crap!

Any help would be most welcome here.

Thanks in advance, Phil
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