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I've been meaning to sort an annoying rattle from my std centre section for some time. Thinking it was probably a broken baffle I cut the silencer open with the intention of repairing it and them welding back closed again.

I pulled out the packing and, well it was a broken baffle, sort of...the more eagle eyed of you may notice a minor problem. The silencer looked A1 from the outside no significant corrosion at all.

What was interesting was finding out that this centre section ( by MTS ) is a straight through absorption type. I'd assumed it would be an indirect one. Having seen this though I'm more than happy to fit another MTS centre rather than splashing out on something fancy as it's not going to be a restriction at all.

£77 from Eurocarparts and it should be with me on Tuesday.

NB If you fancy a giggle take off your centre pipe and start your V6 - it's a touch on the loud side.


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