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A few peeps have said to me about presscott hill climb. i go there quite often so putting some dates out there to keep in mind for 2012. people have always said about going but when i post an event for presscott never get a great turn out so that in mind is why i have given a list of dates hope to see some of you there

Sun 29 April British & Midland Championships Weekend - The fastest cars and the best drivers

This one says french cars but it prob the best event they do and last year had 5 bugatti vayrons :)
Sun 27 MayLa Vie en Bleu [French Invited Clubs] - Our celebration of fine French automobiles

Sun 24 June Midsummer Speed Fest (Midland Championships) - Cars, cavalcades & strawberries on the lawns

Sun 5 Aug Vintage Sports Car Club Weekend - Best vintage event in Europe! for more

Sun 2 Sept British Championships Weekend - The Prescott Gold Cup and title decider?

Sun 7 Oct The Autumn Classic - Our American Automobile Festival

any more info go to Prescott Speed Hill Climb

not sure if you can see them but here is pics from the french day
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