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Okay, final update on my car saga.

My 1999 156 Selespeed has now been collected . It had 92K on the clock but a full service history, full MOT and had tan leather in good condition. Final settlement value was £2100. I am waiting for my £350 excess back as it was clearly not my fault (I was rammed while stationary by an armoured tractor at a safari park!), but the people who insure the person who was very much responsible, NFU mutual insurance are dodging my insurance firms calls and generally being difficult.

My 2000 GTV 2.0 TS has been taken away also, it had 90K on the clock, full service history, and tan leather. Everything worked perfectly! This one was very much my fault. I clipped a kerb in the wet and ripped the wheel off which broke all the suspension. The resulting grind along the floor killed it totally. Again, fair play to Direct line, the accident happened on 3rd September they collected the car, dragged it away and assessed it. I got verbal confirmation it was a right off on Monday of this week, and written confirmation on Friday, they have agreed a settlement figure of £3361, which less my £150 excess is £3211.

Given the Parkers guide combined value of both is £3000, I'm well chuffed with a combined insurance settlement of £5311.

Full praise and recommendations to Direct Line insurance for dealing with both incidents quickly and without fuss.

My only criticism is that their claims centre is only open 9-5 on weekdays, so I can't contact them easily to get updates on the excess recovery.
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