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I have heard plenty in this forum about Squadra and Super chips but has anyone tried the Powerchips form Collins Performance Engineering?

I have also heard someone mention thatyou can get the origanal chips re-mapped, will this produce the same benifits as replacing the chip and will it cost more or less?

Cheers Stefan.

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I haven't seen much of the Collins chip... i have heard it mentioned before tho... i don't know much about the specs of it.

Autodelta do a re-map of the origional chip, But these are only for the 156's and 147's. The 155's they only offer replacement chips... the thing is though... i think these are just origional chips that have alreday been re-mapped... just swap it over... and it's looks like standard. (i had seen that somehwere on one of the previous discussions) But, it only adds about 7/8bhp (using a 2.0 16v TS) compared to the squadra which adds 13bhp... not much difference i know... but when the Squadra chip is £145... that's a fair chunk cheaper than the auto delta chip! (£235 - for the 16v cars - £199 for the 8v & V6 - £464 for the Q4)

Camparing these two main chips... i went for the Squadra... they were a cheaper and had better power gains... Apart from the extra few BHP the squadra adds a bag load more of torque too (20Nm) and generally makes the car more responsive and more fun to drive.

Both of these people also were a DIY job... the same risks were involved.

Dunno if this helps your decision at all.



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The rolling road the other weekend showed differences in characteristics between Rich Shaws Squadra and my Superchip. Both cars had K&N's but the power figures were different. Mine had a bit more BHP, but Richs had torque lower down, but less than mine (if I remember!!!)
We will hopefully get the graphs up on the web soon for comparison. Mine is also a Gamma 96 model.
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