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I've finally got my GT back on the road after 2/3 days off the road thanks to a pothole 5 inches deep :rant:

AutoLusso helped me get back on the road again, amidst their manic Saturday morning surgery!! Thanks Ned and guys for helping me out again, where would we be if we were left to the stealers!!

I've just posted my claim form, complete with photo's of the pothole, wheel and tyre, aerial map and photo's and receipts showing recovery of the car etc, thanks to their being no space saver or jack or wheel brace with the GT on 18" wheels :rant:

All this whilst the GTA was in the body shop having the skirts re-fitted and bonnet re-vitalised as it had faded and lost its lustre. Why does everything always happens at once???

On a separate note, does anyone know how to replace the bulb in the cigarette lighter on the GT? I've managed to unscrew and remove the unit, but can't work out, how to remove the all looked so simple too!!?? :cry:
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